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X Review: Retaliation Duke

X Review: Retaliation Duke


Duke was first released as a mail-in exclusive in 1983, and has seen 47 versions including the one in this review. Two notable versions would be the 25th anniversary version debut in 2007, and then we have the less articulated Retaliation version that came with Wave 1 in 2012. Why do I consider the latter ‘notable’? Because it shows the poor decisions Hasbro has been making, and the difference between that piece of crap, and the figure in this review.


Courtesy of YoJoe.com.


From the original filecard:

File Name: Hauser, Conrad S.
SN: RA213757793
Grade: E-8 (Master Sergeant)
Birthplace: St. Louis, MO
Primary Specialty: Airborne Infantryman
Secondary Specialty: Artillery, Small-arms armorer

Duke was fluent in French, German, and English when he enlisted in 1967. Graduated top of his class at airborne school, Fort Benning. Opted for U.S. Army Special Language School. Specialized in Han Chinese and South East Asian dialects. Went Special Forces in 1969. Worked with tribesman in the boonies of South Vietnam. Ran four different Special Forces schools. Turned down a commission in 1971. Commands by winning respect. Current assignment: Acting First Sergeant, G.I. Joe team.

Statement after declining commission: “They tell me that an officer’s job is to impel others to take the risks–so that the officer survives to take the blame in the event of total catastrophe. With all due respect, sir…if that’s what an officer does, I don’t want any part of it.”


Courtesy of YoJoe.com.

From the Retaliation “filecard”:

Conrad “Duke” Hauser uses an aerial attack drone to track down evil Cobra forces. The drone spots the enemy and Duke loads up with a full arsenal of weapons to launch an attack!

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