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X Review: Retaliation Duke

X Review: Retaliation Duke


The paint work is pretty good overall, though there is an issue with some “overspray” of a sort, which paints the camo pattern a bit up onto the neck. Otherwise, it’s a good job. Cast in darker desert tan, pouches and straps are decently detailed, which leaves me very little to actually complain about.


It looks like they found the bin of accessories and just dumped it over into his tray. Besides the extra head, you have the vest, pro-tech helmet, two knives, pistol, five rifles, “sniper” pistol, combat shotgun, automatic shotgun, RPG, drone with guns, and a stand. All in all, it’s an excellent assortment to choose from, so you can certainly change the loadout depending on the mission you decide to send him on.

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