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X Review: Retaliation Firefly

X Review: Retaliation Firefly


It’s an interesting sculpt. Take one half 3-Pack version and one half (better sculpted) dayglo super-sled version, and you get this one. He’s got the leather jacket with a flared collar, and all the pouches, pockets, and folds on the legs of the 3-pack version. It may not be Firefly to me, but it’s much closer to the movie version than the ninja-turtle version was.

Along with the figure, we get as an accessory, the mini-HISS drone that originally came with POC Cobra Commander released by the GIJCC in 2011, but this time cast in black. It’s a pretty neat little drone, and has some cool little details. So for anyone that missed out on the red version, you can get this one more easily.


Articulation is pretty much on par with what you’d expect from the later Retaliation line. He moves well, poses easily and holds his pose without difficulty. That’s really all I can ask for.

Head, shoulders, elbows, swivel-and-bend wrists, torso, hips, double-knees, and basic ankles. That’s something I can appreciate, as Firefly doesn’t need the rocker ankles.

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  1. If you mean the one where it looks like his neck’s broke with a horribly unrealistic running pose… still a D. 😉 Retaliation packaging is, in my opinion, lackluster and without any real attention to detail. Maybe if it looked like they were actually trying, I might think differently.

  2. I think you’re being too harsh on the packaging. One of the poses he’s put in on the back is obviously supposed to pay homage to his original card art.
    That attention to detail should get the packaging at least a C.

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