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X Review: Retaliation Firefly

X Review: Retaliation Firefly


The paint is pretty simple. The torso is cast in green, and the legs are cast in gray, giving black straps and boots, and a minor camo pattern on the jacket, as well as a red Cobra sigil on the chest and right shoulder. I know not everyone agrees with me on the simplicity of the paint applications, and that’s fine. I can understand that some people like things a little more colorful. It just isn’t my thing. I do, however, think that this firefly might have benefited from the same “airbrushed” design that was on the back of radiation-zone swamp-thing Firefly.


Firefly doesn’t come as loaded down as some other figures, but what he has is pretty effective. Two knives, a pistol, combat shotgun, backpack, stand, drone, missile, and another gun that is supposed to be either hand-held or fit into the missile socket in the front of the drone.

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  1. If you mean the one where it looks like his neck’s broke with a horribly unrealistic running pose… still a D. 😉 Retaliation packaging is, in my opinion, lackluster and without any real attention to detail. Maybe if it looked like they were actually trying, I might think differently.

  2. I think you’re being too harsh on the packaging. One of the poses he’s put in on the back is obviously supposed to pay homage to his original card art.
    That attention to detail should get the packaging at least a C.

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