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Montreal Comic Con

Montreal Comic Con

Write up from 1337W422102:

Star of the The X-Files Gillian Anderson was at the Montreal con as well, signing autographs and auctioning items for charity. She’s just as sassy and badass as she ever was, taking such questions as, “How does it feel to know you look better now than you did in your twenties?” When a female fan asked her why she thought women found her so attractive, the actress paused for moment to think and answered, inquisitively, “Because I got tits?” Needless the say, the audience loved her, myself included. When I asked her about her voice-acting work on the Canadian computer-animated TV series ReBoot, she told me that she didn’t remember much from the gig, but she met her first husband doing it.

I don’t think I need to explain just how fabulous George Takei’s panel was. Besides, there might be children reading this.

Don’t forget that guests aren’t the only awesome people at cons. Attendees in costumes are everywhere, and some of the most fun I have at conventions is getting reactions from people, scaring folks as a Creeper from Minecraft or getting them nostalgic as Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango. This time, I dressed up as the mysterious white-clad racing driver The Stig from BBC’s fan-favourite motoring program, Top Gear, so forgive the occasional self-gratifying photo.

I chose my costume not just out of love of the character and franchise, but because of some of the guests. The local Ghostbusters costuming group were there in full force, raising money for charity with their incredible Ecto-1. ToTheFuture.org was also at the con, raising money to fight Parkinson’s with their DeLorean time machine. Both of them got Stigged. The Doctor Who Society of Canada had a booth filled with Daleks and a Tardis, and his BBC brothers treated the Stig like a king.

Also on the scene was the regional garrison of the 501st Legion, the famous Star Wars costuming group, which was also raising money for a charity. Man, pop culture fans sure are generous. With a donation, con-goers could empty a Nerf machine gun’s ammo belt into a pair of Sandtroopers, which was totally worth it. And when guest of honor David Prowse, better known as Darth Vader Himself, got to walk around the convention floor with members of the 501st and share a meal with them, all of the time, effort, and money each member put into their costumes must’ve seemed totally worth it, too.

That’s just a taste of what the Montreal Comiccon is like. Naturally, a few words and photos can’t accurately convey the atmosphere and general badassitude of a convention, so why not head down to one of your local cons and get a taste for yourself? (Your experience may vary. The Fighting 1:18th is not responsible for any convention-related disappointment.)

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