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Velma by G.I.EDDIE

Velma by G.I.EDDIE

One needs to really take a good look at this fantastic custom to really appreciate how well done it is. There really is nothing negative to say about it at all. EDDIE chose to go a sexy but deadly route while adding some post apocalyptic ready gear.

Aside from the beautiful look of the figure, EDDIE managed to not only retain all articulation but add a few points as well. Notice the double jointed elbows, carved from BBQ knee joints and flawlessly added. Notice the rocker ankles. Also notice the carved glasses and hand made magnifying glass.

EDDIE employed a lot of techniques to achieve a truly wonderful rendition of our favorite Mystery Sleuth. Many thumbs up. Well deserved Officer contest victory with this custom. Now for the pics.

I would like to thank EDDIE for allowing us to see this custom and I would like to thank the readers. Eye will see you Later.

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