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Photography Spotlight: Rick

Photography Spotlight: Rick

Forum Officer Rick needs no introduction.  A master at customizing figures and staging diorama stories, his work is instantly recognizable and serves as an inspiration for others in our hobby, myself included.

We at the Fighting 1:18th are continually in awe of his prolific output of high-quality figures and photos, and it’s for this very reason that our latest photography spotlight is aimed squarely at him.

Head over to page 2 and be amazed!


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About Chris Navarro

Chris is from Australia, where everything is trying to kill you. Maybe even this post.


  1. Not sure I understand the question. Try clicking on the photo. You can then view all the photos as a slideshow. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Very NICE.
    I am working with similar figures.
    If mine are so nice like yours, I will post them.

    (I have a Problem with your Photos-I only can see one half pictur and after this the other 50 % of Pictures. Can you help?”)


  3. Great job Rickster.

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