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Photography Spotlight: Rick

Photography Spotlight: Rick

Here is but a small sampling of Rick‘s phenomenal work!

We’d like to thank Rick for continuing to inspire us with his amazing diorama photos.

You can find many more of his photos in our “Dioramarama” thread and our “Military Figure Customs” thread.

He also runs a diorama photo story website called “The Freedom Crusades”.

Check out the links and be sure to let him know how much you like his work!

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About Chris Navarro

Chris is from Australia, where everything is trying to kill you. Maybe even this post.


  1. Not sure I understand the question. Try clicking on the photo. You can then view all the photos as a slideshow. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Very NICE.
    I am working with similar figures.
    If mine are so nice like yours, I will post them.

    (I have a Problem with your Photos-I only can see one half pictur and after this the other 50 % of Pictures. Can you help?”)


  3. Great job Rickster.

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