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X Review: Retaliation Night Viper

X Review: Retaliation Night Viper


It’s a fair sculpt at its core. The Shock Trooper torso and arms are great. The Jungle Viper head and new helmet are sublime together. But the lower half is, while a fair attempt at bridging the gap between the ARAH and DTC versions, it falls very short. What looks like POC SkyDive upper legs paired with what I believe are 25th Night Creeper lower legs is just a horrible combination. If they wanted to go ARAH inspired, they should have used the Hiss Tank Driver’s lower legs.


The articulation is nothing to be ashamed of, obviously. It’s got all the movement that the Shock Trooper had, and has lost nothing despite their choice in legs.

Head, shoulders, elbows, swivel-and-bend wrists, torso, hips, double-knees, and basic ankles. I think something that a night-fighting-sniper-type should have in addition to the above, is to implement the MU necks so that the figure can be prone and still use his weapon.

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