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X Review: Retaliation Night Viper

X Review: Retaliation Night Viper


The paint is well done on the figure. He’s molded in Night Viper green with black apps along with a light green Cobra sigil as well as the Night Viper symbol on the left shoulder. There are black apps detailing throughout, and they did a good job of turning the soulless white of the Jungle Viper eyes into eyes that can see.

It’s the accessory paint that doesn’t thrill me. Oh, it’s okay on the helmet and the cobra symbol on the backpack is fine. But it’s started wearing away on the sniper rifle already, and he’s only had the gun in his hands once. Not that he can hold it that well anyway.


Speaking of accessories, he comes with the MARS officer vest, helmet(face shield and optics), ammo pouch with a place for the flashlight, Resolute Zartan sniper rifle, pistol, shotgun, M4, machete, backpack, and a stand. Not a bad complement, though like I said previously, the sniper rifle doesn’t work that well in his hands.

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