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Lt Falcon by Cloud Strife

Lt Falcon by Cloud Strife

It’s been a while since Cloud has posted a custom. Known as one of the best, he definitely has not lost his craft. This is the third time Cloud has done this character but this time he went a bit Sideshow because he wanted a more field ready look. He definitely achieved that goal.

As always Cloud nailed the blend of parts and the paint job. Nobody does tiger stripe like Cloud, nobody. It also appears that the web gear is custom built as well. The head sculpt was sculpted by Krexx and was modeled after the SDCC Sideshow version of Falcon.

An amazing custom all around!

I would like to thank Cloud for sharing this custom with us. I would also like to thank you, the readers. If you would like to view Cloud’s recipe or comment, visit his original thread here. Eye will see you later.

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