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A Con Experience

A Con Experience

Like I said on Page 1. I attended for only one day, Friday. Although a short con for me, it was an unbelievably enjoyable for me. Other attendees on Friday were Fogger, Starwarsgeek, DarthDre, DarkWynter, Obi Shinobi, and Daremo. All extremely talented artists!

I arrived in the am, just after 10. All the other attendees that would be there that day had already arrived. DarkWynter was hard at work setting up his massive displays and others were mingling and chatting. I met DarthDre right away and he immediately offered to help me unload my car. This was a trend of friendliness I soon got from all the people even though I was meeting some for the first time, like Dre.

As we all set up our tables a lot of us were drawn to other table and the looting began. Vultures don’t like to wait to feed, so why should we. I scored a massive amount of hauls from all people shown. I had deals with all before noon for items. Needless to say, I was a happy camper. While I was looting Dre, I was talking about seeing every figure from the Avenger’s assemble line except Red Skull. Just than a sound in the background says “Red Skull, I got one”! My head turned like a Greek’s to a Siren and there was Starwarsgeek standing with said figure. Happy days boys and girls, happy days!

Someone noted in a thread somewhere on the board that it was a comedian-con as well as a custom-con. Boy, that was the truth. Everyone that was there had a great sense of humor. There was a lot of laughs that day. Fogger just couldn’t seem to say a single sentence without swearing. He caught himself on it which made it even more funny. Obi has a great new neighbor that Daremo has an impersonation down pat to. I wish I could remember everything that made me laugh.

All things come to an end. I left about 10pm and was sad to go. Everyone offered once again to help me pack up. My entire weekend at work I had thoughts of the con. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. I truly thank you all who came!

A few pics of my haul. Not shown is a box of vintage Transformers I got from Fogger for my kids. About 20 of them including Optimus, Dinobots, and Constructicons.

Thank you to everyone for making this a great experience for me!

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