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F118thECCC Recap from Fogger

F118thECCC Recap from Fogger

Recap in the words of Fogger1138:

When I first told my wife about the show (back when the dates were first announced), she immediately started looking for a bed & breakfast in the area, so that we could go. She’s awesome.

I took Friday off from work so that I’d be able to attend all three days of the show. Crammed the car full of stuff I was looking to dump on unsuspecting chumps… er, great deals, and headed off to Pennsylvania with my wife and a friend of ours. We drove up from Maryland after work on Thursday and got into town late enough that we didn’t meet up with the guys on Thursday night. Bright and early Friday morning it was off to the show!

First thing that happened when I arrived was a group of people descending on my car to help unload it like they were pit crew at the Indy 500. I didn’t even know some of these people! Fortunately, some introductions later (DarthDre! StarWarsGeek!) and I was convinced that they weren’t trying to steal my stuff – joke would’ve been on them, ha!

Staked out a table in the corner of the room. Tried setting up my stuff and found I had too much, so I moved to a nearby (identically-sized) table and tried a different configuration. The increase in room behind allowed for better set up in front. Either that or I just threw it all in some bins and said “screw it, they can figure it out”.

Suddenly it was Friday night. Where had the day gone? I mean, yeah, I dug through Dre’s bins of stuff for sale and looked at Obi’s piles of stuff he was getting rid of, and we did a walk-through of the game, and Medd and I did some deals for some stuff, and Medd did a one-man tutorial on dio-making, and I finished an Orc custom (mostly), but where had the day gone?

At some point on Friday or Saturday (I forget which) I also got to sit down with Obi and have him show me the “Obi-way” of modifying figures in person. Increased mobility on all of my figures for the win!

Off to dinner Friday night at a local place on the river – recommended by Obi – with the wife and her friend. Most of the crew wasn’t hungry when we left but we were able to convince Dre that he had to eat. (True story – not 15 minutes later most of the rest of the group got hungry and went out for dinner.) Then back to the con for more late-night shenanigans.

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