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F118thECCC Day 2 Recap by Dre

F118thECCC Day 2 Recap by Dre

Recap in the words of darthdre758:

I was up and at the convention room by 10am. Everyone else was there, with WVMojo (and son) and Pluv being the new guys. I introduced myself, and offered to grab some McDonalds from across the street for anyone who wanted me to. A couple did. I got back and started working on a couple of projects. Fogger and Mojo went through my bins-o-toys and grabbed a few things they wanted. I found a couple of small things I knew others would use better so I handed them off as I found them. Mojo’s son then let us all know not only could he talk better than Fogger, but he was also better than him. No one argued that one. It was then that Fogger bet him he couldn’t run up and down the hallway three times. He sure showed him.

Lunch time came around and someone (I don’t remember who, and feel bad about it) grabbed a couple of multi packs of Taco Bell. We then started the Hero Quest game. Obi was the dungeon master. Fogger and Daremo were elfs (Go team Hair!), DW was a dwarf, and Mojo’s son was a Barbarian (not very barbaric at times though). The game started off slow, but picked up pretty quickly. Many jokes were made, and a good time was had. In the end, Fogger’s useless spells saved the day, but Mojo’s son got the girl and was kissing her in the dungeon later. He even mentioned that she was hot. I love kids. I know Mojo was worried that he would be a pain, but man was he ever entertaining. He gave us some of the best lines from the entire Con (besides the obvious ‘word’).

When Hero Quest was done, we were going to take a road trip to Big Lots, but put that on hold so we could do the Kumite tournament. A brutal batte was waged. Spells were cast. Heads were lost. And in the end, SWG’s Baal came out on top. With that over, Pluv was packing up to leave. We all said good bye, and SWG, Obi, Daremo, Fogger and myself headed to Big Lots. The ten minute drive seemed a bit longer…and Fogger and I (in my car following Obi and the others) were wondering if Obi was actually leading us to a secluded area of the forest to off us, and loot our stashes back at the Con. We made it to Big Lots safe and sound. Fogger was the only one to buy anything. After that we walked to a gaming shop and were greeted by a large group of people who truly out nerded us. It was impressive really. Food was in order now.

We all decided on Red Robin (yum!). We were given a corner booth and Fogger started bothering the waitress as soon as she arrived. He was quite animated. He enjoyed the tablet menu thingy that we had at the table, and calling the waitress over with it as often as he could. No harm though. She seemed to have a good time with us. We left Red Robin and started heading back to The Con, when Obi took us on a detour to Toys R Us. It was a worthy detour as we found the Ultimate Wave of Joes there. I snagged a Flint. A couple of the others grabbed some as well. We left Firefly and Budo. We got back to the Con and I worked on a couple more figures. I was getting tired, so I decided to head out for the night. I crashed by midnight.

Day 2 thoughts:
Does anyone know how hard it is to find a six pack of beer in PA!? Damn hard.

Big thanks to darthdre758 for sharing his Con experience.

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