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K-T Review: TWD Gas Mask Zombie

K-T Review: TWD Gas Mask Zombie

Today’s review is not an X Review, but a KT Review, provided by our very own ‘grumpy old man’, Founder K-Tiger! Please note that the following is not a 1:18 scaled toy. With that said, take it away, KT!

Me and McFarlane go way back. I don’t know the man personally, mind you, but I did meet him when I was, like, 12. I have the pictures to prove it. No, what I mean is I’ve had action figures produced by him at many points in the company’s development, going all the way back to Todd Toys. I’m not a big fan of his non-figure work, and I’d even go so far as to call him a hypocrite and/or a hack. That doesn’t mean I can’t be objective when reviewing a product of his. Say what you will about the man, but he has been known to make a killer action figure in his time.

McFarlane Toys has been having some not-so-good times in the last few years. Between the economy tanking, his seemingly endless string of misses, both licensed and in-house, among them botched The Simpsons, Hanna-Barbera cartoon figures, and who can forget Guitar Hero, a line wanted by no one, ever, things were pretty bad. He seems to be doing better now, buoyed by Sports figures, Halo, and most recently, comic and TV series-based The Walking Dead figures.

K-T has much more to say, so click on to Page 2 to read on!


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