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2013 Fighting118th Toy Exchange

2013 Fighting118th Toy Exchange

2013 Fighting118th Toy Exchange Rules and Regulations:

1) Participants must send tracking number or customs number to MAJOR BLOOD by 12/7/13. This will give ample time for item to arrive.

2) International shippers are welcome to ask for help from any other members participating to get a item to the member faster. Make sure other person can do it though. Member who’s name is shipping holds the responsibility of making sure item gets to recipient.

3) Failure to ship will result in banning. This is something we do for fun. If you feel you may not be able to get out an item in time then reconsider participation. If something unexpected comes up after joining please contact MAJOR BLOOD for help.

4) $8 minimum on item. That is pretty much the going rate on one figure. Sender can ship any item above that. It is at their discretion. Minimum needs to at least be met. If it is not, shipper will not be able to participate in future events.

5) Must be in good standing on the boards.

6) Please acknowledge when signing up if you can ship internationally.

7) There will be a thread for wish lists. Please keep it reasonable. If you put exclusives or big ticket items than expect a Ewok Special. Again, this is mainly for fun but also a great way for our small community to do something for fellow collectors during the holidays.

8) The fighting 118th is not responsible for what Ewok sends.

Thank You guys for participating in our site events and lets have another successful Toy Exchange!

You can sign up for the Toy Exchange Here

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