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K-T Review: Batman TV Classics Catwoman

K-T Review: Batman TV Classics Catwoman

That’s right, Founder K-Tiger is bringing us another great review, but we’re going to go back in time a little for the source material. Please note that the following is not a 1:18 scaled toy. With a BANG! POW! WHAM! Take it away, KT!

Ugh, Mattel. If you’re a toy collector you’ve likely had at least one of their products at some point. Many of us are old enough to have played with their Masters of the Universe figures or Hot Wheels cars. Nowadays Mattel has an arguably fitting reputation as action figure-making rubes. A decade ago they killed the MotU brand at retail with their inability to grasp case packing, their subscription services regularly cause consternation and instills baby-punching rage in customers and most recently they’ve shown they’re just as incompetent at making 4″ figures as they are adept at proving just how much they hate collectors (but not your money).

Fortunately I can generally avoid Mattel product, as they rarely have a license that interests me. Unfortunately these assholes got the license to do the 1966 Batman TV series figures. Shit….

K-T has much more to say, so read on!


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