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Fled74 Review: Ultimate Gorgon

Fled74 Review: Ultimate Gorgon


Gorgosaurus is molded in a muddy brown, fading to an airbrushed dark grey on his upper surfaces.  On top of that is a heavily drybrushed highlight coat of metallic sky blue, followed by a stripe pattern along his back using the same blue alternating with light grey.  A very odd choice, but it seems to (more or less) match the promotional images from the movie.  Not as wild or colorful as some other dino toys out there, but not crazy dull either.


Image courtesy of Walking With Dinosaurs Wiki

At any rate, he makes a great canvas for customizers to apply their own color schemes.

The eyes are yellow with black pupils and are a bit wall-eyed, but are easily fixed.  The mouth and tongue are painted in a dark pink/salmon color, and are mostly clean except for a tiny amount of paint slop where the jaw adductor muscle meets the lower jaw.  The teeth are painted off-white, as is the entire gum line around them, unfortunately.  Painting individual teeth is apparently too time-consuming for the average toy factory worker, but customizers will be able to remedy the issue with little fuss.



He’s a dinosaur, he doesn’t come with accessories.

However he does have a nifty sound feature which I will count as one.  Pressing his back plays a series of suitably threatening (and wife-scaring) growls and roars which appear to have been sampled from the movie and not some generic sound effects library.

The sound quality is great, although it can be a bit loud, especially if you accidentally activate it while you’re playing with the toy at night while writing a toy review and the wife and kids are asleep…


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  1. Holy mercy, I had no idea this existed and now I can’t live without it. Great review!

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