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Fled74 Review: Ultimate Gorgon

Fled74 Review: Ultimate Gorgon


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Overall is not an average.

Well-sculpted and well-articulated, the Walking with Dinosaurs “Ultimate Gorgon” is certainly superior in most respects to other similar dinosaur movie figures, and I’d happily recommend it to dino enthusiasts and toy collectors.  I’m not sure it would stand up to rough play and wouldn’t advise giving it to children under 6 (the box says 4 and up), but older kids will definitely love it.

Some of the detail paint issues I mentioned could be just on my toy.  As it stands, they’re pretty minor quibbles.  Your mileage may vary.

All in all, despite its flaws, I still consider this a very cool toy.


I purchased this at a Toys R Us in Melbourne, Australia for AU$49.99, but TRU branches in the USA have them for US$29.99.

A few useful links:

Walking with Dinosaurs website / Link to the movie

Gorgosaurus on the WWD website / on the WWD wiki / on Wikipedia

Vivid Imaginations website

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  1. Holy mercy, I had no idea this existed and now I can’t live without it. Great review!

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