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Custom Games Round 2 Recap

Custom Games Round 2 Recap

Round 2 started right where round 1 left off. We had some really close matches and more overtime matches. We once again had some people express themselves in the matches.

Hulk vs Sub-Zero went into overtime with Hulk winning by two votes.

Bloodbeast vs King Rex was a close match all the way through. Bloodbeast provided a photo but in the end it was not enough.

Overlord vs Gi Ty Pham was close as well. Letal provided a great narrative. Gi Ty Pham’s powers proved to be too much in the end.

Mr Clean Vs Oklahoma Don was my favorite match up. It also was the 2nd largest margin of victory in round 2 with the win going to Oklahoma Don. This match had everything though. Smack talk and awesome photoshopped photos were the highlights.

Max Ray vs Harry Dresden was a bit of a shocker to me. I had no idea who would win but I really thought it would have been closer. Max Ray wins by 7.

IX vs Blade was the other overtime match with IX taking it by a claw.

Starscream vs Doom Space Marine was the largest margin of victory with a 13 vote win for Doom Space Marine.

Joker vs Nemesis Enforcer was a close match all the way through with multiple lead changes. But in the end the Joker’s tricks won out.

There you have your round 2 winners. What’s in store for round 3?

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Round 2 winners are below.

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