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X Review: Lightning Bolt Hammer Thor

X Review: Lightning Bolt Hammer Thor


The packaging is decent. Eyecatching. Evocative of the Avengers Assemble packaging, actually. The bright colors catch the eye to draw you in, with the hopes you won’t be utterly disappointed by the failures of many movie line figures to date. With the hope that the soul-crushing reality of the crap we’ve been subject to will be cast aside, so that you will buy this figure!

The front has a picture of Thor, and has the man packed snugly in the blister plastic. The back has ‘Action Pose Thor!’, a couple pictures of other figures in the line, and a blurb about the man himself:

“Thor is one of the most powerful warriors the universe has ever known. With the legendary hammer Mjolnir in his hands, he is virtually unstoppable. Raising his hammer to the sky to summon the power of the storms, the Mighty Avenger can fire the full force of a lightning strike at any target he chooses.”

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