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Wild Weasel by MSWI

Wild Weasel by MSWI

In this week’s Eye For detail Spotlight, we look at Fighting 118th member MSWI and his ¬†fantastic update of Wild Weasel.

Bio – Wild Weasel is one of few Cobra pilots who have managed to gain attention by nothing more than his skill with fighter planes. He may have a nasty reputation for being a backshooter and fighting dirty but even G.I. Joe’s pilots had to respect his piloting abilities. As a natural troublemaker, he has a habit of pulling pranks on his fellow Cobra pilots just as much as he gives the G.I. Joe Team something to worry about.

He learned his flying skills by piloting any aircraft he could lay his hands on. From jury-rigged machines to civilian aircraft to sophisticated weapons platforms, if it can fly, he’s flown it. Wild Weasel earned the reputation he has now in the bush wars of South America and Africa. He has a sibilance in his speech pattern, often rumored to be the result of an injury during a strafing run.

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