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CQC Operator by TR1ER with QandA

CQC Operator by TR1ER with QandA

Q1 – How long have you been doing customs?

A – Been at it for around 12 years or so.

Q2- Who or what do you draw your inspiration from?

A – I get my inspiration from other customizers, movies,video games, real world events. I’m a big fan of customs I love them all. there are many customizers who’s work I really enjoy very much and a big fan of. Obi now when it comes to real world you just can’t top him. Daremo, BorisPing, Crimson Gord,Rick, thats just naming a few.so many others I just can’t name them all. but let me tell you who to watch out for..MMorelock66! dude is a beast and just keeps getting better and better.

Q3- I have seen multiple painting techniques from you. Which is your favorite to do and why.

A – I’d have to say digi cam. Just a fan of it.

Q4- A typical question I like to ask is what paint brand do you like to use.

A – Model masters nothing else.

Q5- I notice you like to do mostly real world customs, is there any other style you like to make that maybe you don’t post online.

A – I mainly stick to real world or as close to as I can get. I’ll do some cobra stuff now and then. but that really my main style.

Q6- Biggest questions I have for this figure are, Where is his sling and are you still the man for making people proper slings?

A –  LOL where is the sling, well I slipped on that one. by the time I finished the custom I was all geeked to take pics and forgot about the sling. so yeah shame on me lol. And yes I still do slings for people and I have some I just did going to Canada this week.

Q7 – Do you have any beginner advice? I know I wouldn’t mind hearing a tip or two from a top tier customizer.

A – Me top tier no way man I’m just a dude that like to make customs. Hell I still have so much to learn in this hobby. trying my hand at sculpting.
Advice to beginners practice take your time and ask questions . I’m sure there are guys out there that would be more than glad to answer any questions. I know I try to answer every Pm ,email and text I get. STAY AWAY FROM ENAMEL PAINT!!!!! only use acrylics.

Q8 – anything you might like to add? a gratuitous plug for anything?

A – Just be humble that’s all. one thing that bugs me in the great hobby of ours, is when a customizer gets mad love and feedback. and does not even say one thank you. these people go out of their way to leave them feedback and they say nothing in return.

Q9 – Are you a collector and customizer? or just one of them. If a collector also, what is your Holy Grail?

A – Both but trust me I have no problem pulling a fig off my shelf for parts , done it before lol. Grail is to own a complete flag.

Now for a few fun questions I like to ask in the speed round.

Speed Round – Coke or Pepsi? Butt or Boob guy? favorite – Army, Navy, Airforce or Marines?, Worlds gonna end, party or pout? Beer or Liquor? PC or Mac? prefer cold or warm weather? and finally do you prefer modern or historic military?

A – Pepsi, I like big butts and I can not lie, Marines, party,mac, both, modern

There you have it. I would like to thank TR1ER for his willingness to do a Q and A with me and I would like to thank the readers.

If you would like to comment on his CQC custom below you can here in it’s original thread. Also, here are a few links to some of TR1ER’s other work. Blackout, Robojoe, Alley Viper Heavy Gunner, and Snake Eyes and Timber.

And now the gallery of the CQC operator and a bonus picture of where TR1ER’s magic happens.

Till next time, Eye will see you later.

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