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2013 Photo of the Month Recap

2013 Photo of the Month Recap

Our Official Figure Pic One-Shot Thread is one of the most popular in the forum, showcasing the photo and diorama skills of all our members.

In April 2013 the site staff decided to debut a new photo feature, the Photo of the Month.  The process is simple: at the end of each month we go through all the 1/18 toy photos submitted in the thread during that month and choose our favourite.  Also, to avoid any appearance of favoritism, the staff disqualified our own posted photos from being shortlisted.

The selected photos are not necessarily the most technically proficient or have the most elaborate diorama setup – we prefer to celebrate the fun and creativity that our great hobby inspires.

Now we march anew through a brand new year, and it’s a good time to look back at the great pics that we chose to be Photo of the Month.

Check them out starting on Page 2!


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