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X Review: Avengers Assemble Falcon

X Review: Avengers Assemble Falcon

I should have gotten this out of the way in the Hawkeye review. I have not seen the Avengers Assemble cartoon. I have little interest in watching it, honestly. I’m hopeful that the information I have found online is informative enough, and I am correct in certain assumptions I have made. But, since this is the Marvel Universe, anything and everything can happen, so I make no promises that what is correct when I write this will be correct when it posts. That said, we’re looking at Falcon today. He’s an interesting enough looking figure, but I’m not sure anything makes him any more of a ‘superhero’ than a ‘guy that can shoot stuff with arrows good’. Apparently, he’s some sort of big deal as the first ‘Mainstream African-American Superhero’.

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