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Ages 25 and Up Rewind #4

Ages 25 and Up Rewind #4

For this edition I decided to do something different and feature a “one shot” comic. 1337W422102 has done several of these single stories and honestly they are some of the best files. Most of the one shots are for Holidays, milestones or special events like a convention. Sometimes they are used to break up the action between major story lines. This particular one shot was making fun of the atrocious first live action G.I.Joe film. Check out the comic below:

File #34 The RISE of Cobra:



Before we continue, lets read some thoughts from Numbers:

“The purpose of #34 “The RISE of Cobra” was twofold. One: I wanted to poke (pun intended) fun at that Joe-inspired action flick Hollywood churned out back then, and two: I wanted to celebrate the thirty-fourth issue of the comic.

As we all know, Rule 34 of the Internet states that “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.” We’ve all been online long enough to not only know this rule, but know it to be true. And what better character to 34 than the leather-clad BDSM-overtoned Baroness?

So I didn’t really 34 her but instead put her in suggestive poses, with thematically-related dialogue. And added some lens flare on one of the best Joe scale asses I’ve seen. And Photoshopped some bulges for the, shall we say, Trouser-Vipers in the final panel.

That wouldn’t be the last – or first – time I’ve had the Baroness in sexualized dominatrix positi—er, status. In #28, “The New Challengers” she showed the Croc Master (aka Gimp Master) some discipline, and #111, “The Gang is on the Loose” basically reuses the premise of #34. I honestly can’t remember if that was intentional or not. I still think the best one was the in-universe erotic fancomic in #174 where the Porno-Viper’s unlicensed BaronessxZaranaxHelix comic lands him in a Cobra jail cell.”

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