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Batman by Obi-Shinobi

Batman by Obi-Shinobi

Obi did it again. He brought us another awe inspiring Batman. This time he chose to do a version from an artist who is just as meticulous as Obi. Alex Ross is known for painting realistic proportioned characters. Obi is known for making realistic proportioned characters. So Alex meet Obi, Obi meet Alex.

As you will see in the WIP picture below, Obi chose to create his own Batman head. He found a jawline he liked and built over it. The finished look is fantastic and a great likeness to the original art.

The sculpting on this figure is fantastic. The Bat logo on his chest is quite symmetrical, that is no easy feat to do. He added a little bulk in places where it was needed and built a beautiful utility belt to give the figure the final touches.

The paint is flawless. Not only are the applications smooth and solid, but the actual grey color is perfect as well.

Excellent figure and quite worthy of a spotlight. If you would like to comment on this figure, you can here in the original thread.

Thanks for Reading! I would like to thank Obi-Shinobi for giving us the opportunity to see this fantastic custom. Eye will see you later.

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