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Update  Fighting 118th Exclusive action figure

Update Fighting 118th Exclusive action figure

Officer Exclusive Sale will start today at 11AM EDT on March 14th. Site wide sale starts at 12pm EDT on March 14th.

Cost: $25 per figure kit (unpainted), + shipping & handling for Officers. – $35 per figure + S/H for Non-Officers

Shipping: $6 for 1-2 figures and $12 for 3-5 figures in the continental USA. These will be shipped in USPS flat rate boxes, and we’re really not making any money on these. You should get them within a couple of days anywhere in the US.

International members will be charged whatever it costs to ship to the location. Expect a small delay to get yours because of shipping times and customs.

Stickers: We also ordered a SMALL batch of first print Fighting 1:18th logo vinyl stickers. These are perfect for your car, your wall, your car wall, your wall car, your face, wherever! They’re about 4×4 inches in size and look great!

These will be a $4/each “fund our projects” item afterwards, but if you order them with the figure they are only $2/each.

Limits: 3 figure kits per Officer. We do want these available for as many people as possible, but we know some of you want to have your own squad. This limit may change depending on availability as time goes on. 3 Figure kits per Forum Members/non Officers. 2 figure kit per non-Officer. These are seriously limited.

How to buy?: So you want some of our sweet plastic lovin’. How do you get said plastic lovin’? I’ll tell you how. You need to send NSA a PRIVATE MESSAGE through this here forum. It will be first come, first serve. NSA will go down the line processing them as they come in. I say again, contact NSA by private message.

Payment:  NSA will be accepting PayPal (+$2 surcharge for using the non-gift option) or check-by-mail. Please allow for extra processing time if you go the check-by-mail route. If you need some other method ask NSA via private message, he will see if he can work something out.

We will be posting a tutorial on how to assemble the figure kit next week when we begin shipping the figure. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the figure.

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