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Toy Notch Q&A

Toy Notch Q&A

118th: How many articulation points will the figures have?

TN: Please see the attached photo for the articulation layouts. Nowadays, the collectors have a very high expectation regarding the articulation of action figures. Being collectors ourselves, this was always one of our priorities throughout the development process. However, there is always some tradeoff for game accuracy. Sometimes, we had to sacrifice on some movement range in order to maintain a game accurate sculpt. The licensor won’t approve any skinny but articulated figures!

118th:Will the figures be in different sizes? Are some characters taller than others?

TN: There is some slight variation in height, but they are basically the same size, see the attached photo.

118th: People like to customize figures. Will these be compatible with other lines?

TN: Customizing is a pretty interesting idea. But our figures do not use the same joint system of the existing lines such as GI Joe and Marvel Legends, so it might be a bit difficult. Certainly they will fit into other 1:18th scale displays!

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I was brought into collecting when the GI Joe 25th anniversary came out. After dealing with repaints and sub par vehicles I started searching around for something a little better. A friend turned me onto the fighting 118th and I started moving towards a more realistic "verse" for my figures. After seeing a few dioramas from members on the site I got the bug for them. There is a certain quality of person that contributes to the site and that is what has kept me coming back. Everyone is honest about what your work can have better and really helps you to get the best out of yourself. I am MAJOR BLOOD on the site.

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