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Toy Notch Q&A

Toy Notch Q&A

118th: Do you work closely with the game designers to get as accurate as possible for the toy line?

TN: We have been working closely with Capcom throughout the development stage. Capcom offered us many ideas on how to improve the figures. The process involves a lot of give and take. With full respect to the licensor, a few revisions did create some headaches for our sculptors, but in the end it makes for a much better final figure. Take Vagabundo for instance (this is my fave character design)

1. Version 1 sculpt with comments from Capcom.

2. Version 2 sculpt
(The producer was still unhappy for the muscle volume at shoulder and thigh)

3. Final sculpt and resin replicate as seen at SDCC 2013

4. Colored sample

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I was brought into collecting when the GI Joe 25th anniversary came out. After dealing with repaints and sub par vehicles I started searching around for something a little better. A friend turned me onto the fighting 118th and I started moving towards a more realistic "verse" for my figures. After seeing a few dioramas from members on the site I got the bug for them. There is a certain quality of person that contributes to the site and that is what has kept me coming back. Everyone is honest about what your work can have better and really helps you to get the best out of yourself. I am MAJOR BLOOD on the site.

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