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Fighting 1:18th Exclusive Figure Assembly Guide

Fighting 1:18th Exclusive Figure Assembly Guide


Want to learn how to turn a bag of parts into a badass Fighting 1:18th trooper?

Follow the handy-dandy tutorial below, in Meddatron‘s own words, and watch your exclusive action figure take shape!

* * *

NOTE: Do not force parts, they will break/tear. If force is needed, dremel more. Do not have soft plastic stretched when assembled, it will tear over time. Dremel more. You really want clean fits to ensure longevity of the figure and best articulation possible. Go slow, take your time, Baby steps!

Step 1 – Gather tools. You will need a dremel and various bits to make life easy. Also will need a glue to glue the torso. Also will need a method to heat parts up. I use a space heater, others use Hairdryers or a hot water bath. I use the yellow handled tools to remove any flashing.


Step 2 – Lay your pieces out.


Step 3 – The feet. You first need to increase the peg hole just a little. Do all hole increases just a little at a time to prevent looseness. When the peg on the shin we just pegged feels like it is just about to slide in, heat the feet and pop them in. Do not heat the pegs.


Step 4 – put the legs and knees together to see how they fit. Some sanding may be required. We do not want to have any part bending out. Once they are sitting good, we need to increase the peg holes slightly again. Little by little. Make sure the pegs themselves are smooth shafts too. Once the peg feels as if it is ready to slide in cool with a little pressure, heat the legs (not pin) and pop the pins in one at a time.


Step 5 – We are going to do the elbows the same way as the legs. Put together, dremel the hole slightly till the peg fits well. Heat arm parts (not pin) and slide pins in. Notice the pegs have two different sized ends and so does the elbow holes. Be sure to put in proper.


Step 6 – Heat the upper leg parts (hips) and pop onto the finished lower legs.


* * *

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