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StarWarsGeek May the 4th be with you sale

StarWarsGeek May the 4th be with you sale

For site members – Half Price sale  runs from today until Midnight Sun May 4th EST. Details below

For Site Officers – Please see SWG‘s thread in the Officer’s PX for the terms of the sale.

His Store can be found here www.starwarsgeek.ecrater.com

Words from StarWarsGeek Himself,

“Well, it’s that time of year again, when all the Star Wars Geeks… uhm… well, geek out. And it’s also the day where I like to have a crazy sale to celebrate. Unfortunately, I’ve had a rough few months on the casting side, so it’s going to be a little different this time around.

Basically, any cast items in my store (http://starwarsgeek.ecrater.com) will be half off the normal price. HOWEVER… I’m currently out of stock on a TON of items, thanks to the bitch of a winter that we had. It was too cold to do any molding or casting for the past few months, and my store is feeling the effects. Tons of items are completely sold out, tons of items need new molds made, etc. etc.

So, the catch is this – you might have to wait about a month, maybe longer, for your order to arrive*. I have to remake a ton of molds for items that I have in the store, and that takes time. BUT I’m also at the end of my school semester, so I’m swamped with finals and term papers and crap so I can’t make all those molds right now. School finishes the third week of May, which is when I’ll be starting to remake all the stuff that needs to be remade, which is why I say it’s going to be AT LEAST a month before anything can be made and shipped. But I didn’t want to pass up my special holiday without a sale.

So there you go. If you can have some patience and not be a whiny bitch emailing me every 2 days to see if your items have shipped out yet, then by all means, take a look at my store (http://starwarsgeek.ecrater.com) and then message me a list of what you want. DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER ON THE STORE. NO ORDERS PLACED ON THE STORE DIRECTLY WILL BE REFUNDED FOR THE SALE PRICES. I’ll adjust your prices and you can PayPal me the funds.

Sale starts NOW and ends at Midnight on Sunday, May 4th EST. Any messages received after that time will not be honored. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY MONDAY MAY 5TH. If your payment is not received by that time, your order will be canceled.

Thanks for looking, and May the Force…. err, Fourth, Be With You!

* Of course, if the items you order are actually in stock, I’ll ship them ASAP. But don’t count on it. Unless you order a bunch of stuff that nobody else wanted over the past 6 months.”

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