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1:18 Scale News: Digler’s Devils – Custom HEMTT Gun Truck

Well, he’s done it again.

Our resident miracle worker, Digler, has churned out one of the most impressive and triumphant 1:18 scale military customs I’ve seen yet. I also have the feeling that he is just getting started. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but for once.. it is WELL deserved.

Check out the full gallery, along with a timeline and write up starting on Page 2. [1] You do not want to miss this. Seriously, custom of the year award material right here (until he makes his next one!). 


Well, to make it simple, I’ll summarize:

Digler, was asked by a Fighting 1:18th [2] community member to make something epic, something that had never been done before, he wanted him to make this:


HEMTT Gun Truck Drawing

Being a simple man, he started with this:


Casting gear, some styrene, lots of will power.

… And this is what he ended up producing in a little over 2 months of work:


Finished 1:18 scale HEMTT Gun Truck by Digler

For the full back story, some witty comments, and tons (I mean TONS!) of work-in-progress and final pictures, please move along to Page 3. [6]

So you made it this far. Congrats! This is the meat and potatoes of the article. Lots and lots (and lots) of pictures. This project was officially started by Digler on March 18th, 2014, and was announced first on our forums.

Kind of excited.

You really need to read the first couple of pages to truly understand our excitement upon seeing that this project was under way. Click here. [7] Don’t worry, I’ll wait. It’s worth it. *twiddles thumbs*

Welcome back. To say we were excited is an understatement. Everything Digler has touched thus far has turned to gold before our very eyes. Half the fun is seeing him take something most of us consider to be ‘trash’ (i.e. True Heroes Helicopter into AWESOME CH-46 Sea Knight [8]), and turning it into a 1:18 scale gem. This time, however, he was taking a new approach. Digler would be starting completely from scratch. No base Tonka truck, or Hummer, just a bunch of generic parts and a ton of talent.

There was no despair though, by this point we all knew what was coming, and it.. would.. be.. glorious.

Lots of (meticulously detailed) drawings, plastic parts and inspiration. Honestly, seeing the plans drawn out was enough for me. I knew this would turn out spectacularly. Digler has such an eye for detail, he manages to capture everything required (and desired) when crafting something new. Also, in case you didn’t notice.. he’s building two. Continued… [17] Work continues throughout March and into April. The HEMTT really starts to take shape. Each update is more detailed than the last. Didn’t this start as a couple pieces of plastic just a page ago? Never fails to impress.

By this point we’re done marveling at the ‘potential’ here, because we’re starting to see the actual vehicle manifest itself right in front of us. Is Digler some sort of plastic whisperer?

The detail in the control panel, the small adjustments here and there, it really is a work of art. Continued… [34] Finally! After a short video game hiatus (Looking at YOU ArmA III), Digler returned to us in May with new, updated photos, and (shockingly!) he did not disappoint.

Oh boy, now he’s going into detail mode. His corners are great, his cylinders are better, he’s just working on another level at this point. I’d of gouged myself a dozen times with an x-acto knife by this point.

The functions! The features! The.. ability to actually transport a 1:18 HMMWV if so desired! It was at this point that he decided to make the “Gun Truck” part of the HEMTT Gun Truck optional, and modular. The possibilities are endless with a Digler creation. Suh-weet. (Dude!) Continued… [51] By now we know we’re getting close. Updates are coming in fast and furious. Each one brings some new design or feature or.. well, you’ll see.

Turrets and armor and rivets oh my!

Some coats of paint, some weapons mounts, and we’re in business. Rolling Thunder, indeed. Continued… [64] Some final tweaks, some paint applications and we’re well on our way to being finished. The end is in sight.

Almost has that “fresh out of the factory” smell at this point. Well, other than the rusted out Gun Truck shell. This would be the best representation of the HEMTT-as-a-hauler thus far. Finally.. the (more or less) finished product!

So there you have it, from nothing to wonderful. We’ll be getting more in depth pics of this (awesome) beast soon, so check back often. There are plans for the crane on the back. What’s next for Digler? Only time will tell.. though I do remember he was making two of these…

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