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Marauder “Gun Runners” Q&A

Marauder “Gun Runners” Q&A

We’ve all seen the new figures. Fantastic sculpts by Boss Fight, with the modular system we’ve come to associate with Marauder “Gun Runners”. We watched the totals on their Kickstarter campaign jump by leaps and bounds. At one point, they had a couple stretch goals unlocked, but it stalled and that might have been the end of the game… but, no! The total exceeded most peoples’ expectations, the train finally coming to a stop at over 244 thousand dollars! And they are still going. They’ve opened up a second pledge location on fundafull, and may tip the scales further into the stretch goals!

But that’s not why you’re HERE, is it? No. We have an exclusive Q&A with Marauder John. Sure, some of the answers may have been given elsewhere already, but we’re an independent site with independent goals, and we wanted to get our own answers. Now we have them, and all you need to do is click below to read on!

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