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118th Dispatch – May 2014

118th Dispatch – May 2014


Digler’s Devils – Custom HEMTT Gun Truck

By Paul Ernst on May 29, 2014

Well, he’s done it again.

Our resident miracle worker, Digler, has churned out one of the most impressive and triumphant 1:18 scale military customs I’ve seen yet. I also have the feeling that he is just getting started. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but for once.. it is WELL deserved.

Well, to make it simple, I’ll summarize:

Digler, was asked by a Fighting 1:18th community member to make something epic, something that had never been done before, he wanted him to make this:


HEMTT Gun Truck Drawing

Being a simple man, he started with this:


Casting gear, some styrene, lots of will power.

… And this is what he ended up producing in a little over 2 months of work:

Finished 1:18 scale HEMTT Gun Truck by Digler

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