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118th Dispatch – May 2014

118th Dispatch – May 2014


Finally! After a short video game hiatus (Looking at YOU ArmA III), Digler returned to us in May with new, updated photos, and (shockingly!) he did not disappoint.

Oh boy, now he’s going into detail mode. His corners are great, his cylinders are better, he’s just working on another level at this point. I’d of gouged myself a dozen times with an x-acto knife by this point.

The functions! The features! The.. ability to actually transport a 1:18 HMMWV if so desired! It was at this point that he decided to make the “Gun Truck” part of the HEMTT Gun Truck optional, and modular. The possibilities are endless with a Digler creation. Suh-weet. (Dude!)

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