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118th Dispatch – May 2014

118th Dispatch – May 2014


Custom M939 Truck by Hunmarine

By Chris Navarro on May 5, 2014

With a shortage of usable heavy transport vehicles in Joe scale, what is a collector to do?

A few of us have grown quite adept at scratchbuilding impressive creations in styrene and resin, but forum member Hunmarine took a different tack – he built this very cool M939 truck entirely out of recycled materials!

Using materials like cardboard, paper, fabric, plastic drinking straws, and a healthy dose of “imagineering”, Hunmarine created this sweet ride for his Joes to haul their stuff around.  He wanted it functional too, so the doors and tail gate open, the wheels roll, and the hood tips forward to reveal an engine made from a used printer cartridge and assorted junk (creative gizmology at its finest).

And lucky for us, he documented each step of the build, so check out the pics and watch a pile of “trash” turn into a great-looking model.

Big thanks to Hunmarine for sharing his awesome custom with us!

You can see even more photos at his original forum thread here, and please feel free to leave a comment and give Hunmarine some feedback.  Or, for even bigger pics, check out his Flickr gallery.

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