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118th Dispatch – May 2014

118th Dispatch – May 2014

LowLight Female Splash

Lowlight Gender Bender by Slaymaker

By Kirk Downie on May 9, 2014

Welcome to today’s edition of The Eye for Detail. Today the eye looks at Fighting 118th Officer Slaymaker and his Officer’s Club Gender Bender entry Lowlight.

The Gender Bender contest was an Officer’s only custom contest. In this contest entrants had to either change the gender of a character or change the race. This is what Slaymaker came up with for his second entry. His first entry was Hit & Run.

This is an absolute fantastic custom. Exactly what one would expect to see Lowlight look like in female form. She is very well equipped for any task at hand.

The parts selection and paint are both done flawlessly. This figure looks factory. Presentation of the figure and her gear stands out as well. A very well done custom and worthy of a spotlight!

If you would like to comment or view a few more pictures than shown below, you can visit the original thread here. Also take a trip here to view the great artwork and customs that Slaymaker’s sons have shared with us. Now for the pictures.

I would like to thank Slaymaker and I would like to thank the readers. Eye will see you later.

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