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118th Dispatch – May 2014

118th Dispatch – May 2014

Alien Update Splash

Hiya Toys Alien Update

By Kirk Downie on May 16, 2014

Fighting 118th member Melvin recently posted some updated pictures of Hiya Toys upcoming Alien figure.

With  the recent passing of the famous xenomorph’s designer, HR Giger, this figure is welcome good news for fans of the Alien Universe.

For those who do not know, Melvin is a reliable contact for the Fighting 118th, and brings his news directly from China. He has kept us in the loop with the Our War Germans and now the Alien Figure. Thank you Melvin.

You can view and comment in the original thread here. Now for the update.

Melvin – “Photo taken directly from office of Haiya Toys Co. Now we need a package only. Stay tuned and nice weekend!”

I would like to thank Melvin for the update and look forward to more updates to come!

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