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GIJCC FSS3.0 Night Creeper Leader

GIJCC FSS3.0 Night Creeper Leader

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club revealed it’s third figure for the anticipated Figure Subscription Service 3.0 today. The Night Creeper Leader is the next reveal. This FSS figure is very flamboyant and so far hasn’t received a good response in our forums. We’ll be discussing all the reveals in the forums over the next few weeks.

The Club posted this on their official web site and credit goes to XOC2008 for sharing it with us.

The figure includes:

– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– Based on Variant Action Figure from 1994
– Includes Cobra Logo Stand, Removable Blindfold, Submachine Guns, Crossbow, Ninja Swords, Throwing Stars, Kunai Blades

Be warned, as the Club had this disclaimer:

(Note: Photo depicts prototype and final product may slightly differ.)

I think we all remember the Iceberg fiasco.

You can discuss everything FSS3.0 in this thread

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