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Eye For Detail: Midget’s Acid Rain World Custom

Eye For Detail: Midget’s Acid Rain World Custom

Welcome to this edition of the Eye For Detail, today we are going to take a look at Fighting 118th Officer Midget and his custom Acid Rain World figure.

Midget created this custom as an entry for the Fighting 118th’s Acid Rain Contest.

Midget did an outstanding job with his painting on this figure. he is dirty, he is battered, and he looks to fit into this universe very well. A very good custom this is!

Nicolai – “It. Never. Stops. Raining. Never. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a pair of dry socks. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to start and end each day with a de-con wash. This shit stinks. Like… what fish used to smell like. Rotten ones. I think my face is permanently stained a gray-black. Fucking rain.

I’m tired of waiting for these assholes. Twenty-four hour insert, designate the LZ for the airborne division laurels, exfiltrate. I’ve been here going on forty-eight. I’ve got this giant damn radio… do I get a “delay” flash? F-no. Let the pathfinder deal. “Low-cost-low-drag-stay-on-target-get-the-job-done”. Nothing in the job description about “hungry-cold-wet-and-bitchy”.

I don’t even know why we’re inserting here in the first place. No Soil Ghost activity in weeks. Unless there’s a new coffee route opening up. Which means fuck-all to me. That goes straight to the politicians. At least we’ll get more ammo and… maybe… if we’re lucky…some dry damn socks with the convoys. Odd that they’re using the airborne to open a convoy route…

I still haven’t figured out why the airborne needs a pathfinder in the first damn place. Just drop a marker, drop the airborne. Simple. Instead, I get dropped out here, on my own, to mark the DZ with the designator. Then either hump back to our lines with the aforementioned huge-radio, designator and typer, rifle (broke the fucking sling in the drop), binos, ammo, chow, web gear, miscellaneous crap (no dry socks) and the ever-permanent helmet-mask and poncho, or I get a pick up. The latter almost never happens.

Dammit I wish they would hurry up and drop so I can hump back to the line.” 

If you would like to comment on this figure or see Midget’s recipe, look here.

I would like to thank Midget for sharing his work , and I would like to thank the readers. Eye will see you next time.

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