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SALE – StarWarsGeek Force of July Sale

SALE – StarWarsGeek Force of July Sale

It is July, and that means Fighting 118th Officer Starwarsgeek is having his Force of July Sale.

Here are the details from Starwarsgeek himself.

To celebrate the Fourth…. err, “Force” of July this week, I’m offering a special sale on my casting site. For every three (3) cast parts you purchase, you’ll get a fourth piece “FREE”*. There’s no limit on how many free items you can get, you’ll get one for every three pieces you purchase. So buy, say, 12 pieces, you’ll get 4 additional parts free. All you need to do is contact me here at the Fighting1:18 via personal message and let me know your order number to take part in the sale. All members of the forum as of this posting can take part. Any members that sign up AFTER this is posted will have to wait until next year, sorry!

Free items will be the lowest priced items in your order. The majority of my items are all the same price, but just to clarify, the free items will be the lowest priced items from your shopping cart.

In addition, all Officer members will get an additional bonus during this sale!!

This sale will run from NOW until July 7th at 11:59:59pm EST

*Unfortunately, you will have to pay for it on the site, but I will refund the cost of the lowest priced item back to you via PayPal.

Here is the link to his store

I would like to thank Starwarsgeek for the sale and his continual support of the hobby and the site.

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