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August Banner Contest

August Banner Contest

The theme for the August Banner Contest is Bring em’ home alive

Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood:

“August’s banner theme is a rescue scene. You can have someone being carried, drug by another individual or even being loaded up into a vehicle. Whatever you can think of but they have to come back alive.”

The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th. The contest started on our original site before the infamous crash of 2011. For those that are new to the contest, it’s very simple. A forum member can submit a dio picture entry into the contest. Towards the end of the month we place all the photos together and let the forum members vote for their favorite via poll. The winner gets the prestige and honor of having their picture on top of the site representing the Fighting 1:18th. Occasionally we add additional prizes.

The July Banner Contest featured 6 solid entries however when it came to voting, only 2 were considered. We had a razor close decision as a newcomer to the site won with only a single vote! Founder/Officer Fogger1138 came so close to victory earning 38% of the total vote. You can view his effort at the bottom of this page. Vietvetson took the win with his first entry into the long running contest. He scored 39% of the overall vote and you can enjoy his banner at the top of the screen for the rest of the month!

Rules and Regulations:

Yes! Even a notoriously open and free nation-site like ours must have some rules and regulations sometimes.

[UPDATE! 07/01/2013] We will be going back to an open voting style for a few months. While the ‘blind’ voting style had some benefits, the lack of conversation that resulted from no one seeing any banner submissions was a real bummer. After a few months we will evaluate how things are going and go from there.

Please read, note, and follow the below rules if you wish to participate in the Monthly Banner Contest (MBC!). Entries failing to meet the below requirements will be REJECTED! (and endlessly mocked).

1. When taking your picture for banner submission, be sure to leave space for cropping and for the site logos. We can work magic after the fact, but a properly composed shot wins 9 out of 10 times.

2. The submission must be done by the USER and no one but USER. If there was a collaboration, you must note it in your submission.

3. The submission must be in the correct size/aspect ratio: 920px by 322px. You can use any free editing program to crop your image to this size/ratio. Any image submitted outside of this size/ratio will be discarded. This is MUY IMPORTANTE!

4. The USER submitting the image releases all rights to the submitted image, giving The Fighting 1:18th full usage rights.

5. There will be ONE banner entry, per-person, per-month. If you submit more than ONE entry, all entries will be disqualified. You CAN delete an entry and replace it with another before the end of the month.

6. If there are more than 10 USER‘s submitted banners for any given month, there will be a primary “run off” to find our 10 finalists. Details for the run off will be in that thread. If you submit a photo then you must vote in the primary with the required amount of submissions or your entry will be void.

7. To submit an entry into the banner contest you must create a NEW thread in the Banner forum with the title “USER’s banner entry for the month of xxxx”. Where USER is your forum name, and xxxx is the upcoming month. Any entries not submitted in this fashion will be discarded.

8. If you get help with your submission and a prize is involved, the person that helped will be the primary recipient of the prize. If they don’t want the prize then it will go to the winning submission.

In the end this is a fun little contest we try to do every month to showcase our best customizers/diorama builders, and we just need to add some structure to make sure everyone is on a level playing field.

To that end, we also made a few changes on the back end. Going forward, to participate in (aka vote) the banner contest, you must have 15 or more posts on the site. This is to try and up participation in the site and get new members involved. This 15-post minimum may be raised or lowered as time goes on.


Thank you to everyone who participates in the Monthly Banner Contest!

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