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Vortious Custom Accessories Spooctacular Sale

Vortious Custom Accessories Spooctacular Sale

It’s almost Fall, weather is going to change and the evenings will start to get cold for some. This means Halloween is around the corner. To celebrate this holiday, Vortious Custom Accessories has given us details about a holiday sale.

Here are his details.

VCA Spooktacular sale

As we get closer to Halloween, everyone is going to be making those fun monster, ghost, spooky, and cooky customs. So Rather than wait until October, and only give you guys a couple of weeks to get your Halloween customs done for those Halloween custom contests I’m starting my Halloween Spooktacular as of Sunday August the 24th through Saturday October the 25th. So for 9 weeks the more Halloween specific items will be $1 off their regular price (I’ve reduced the prices my self through the inventory since eCrater hasn’t added the sale option yet).

Also don’t forget about the other specials:

*I have these little treasure chests, and I put extra stuff I cast in them usually just a spare head, or something small that fits in them, and I give these away at the $50 increment levels. I mix 1 chest into the cup each week that has a small gold color cast piece in it, and if you’re the lucky recipient you get a free $20 order (domestic shipping will be free, but international shipping rates still apply) all you have to do is email me at rodimusvts@verizon.net, and let me know. Of course you’re going to have to let me know what piece you got that was gold to verify that you did get one. The levels go as follows:

$50 1 chest

$100 2 chests

$150 3 chests

$200 4 chests

$250 5 chests

*The 2nd is one that I started back in June along side the Red Laser VS Blue Laser challenge on Joe Customs, and it runs until the end of November right along side their Red Laser VS Blue Laser customs challenge. All you have to do is mention the R VS B challenge in the notes of your order of $30 or more, and then pick any weapon, or tool of $10 or less to add to your order for free.

So far the reopening hasn’t been going as planned, but I’m hopeful that you guys will be getting you Halloween custom needs, and that will be a good turning point for VCA. So since this the ReOpenning special hasn’t been going as well as I hoped, and many of you haven’t taken advantage of it, I’m going to continue it through the end of September.

That special which seems to be getting ignored is my Grand Re-Opening special. Which goes as follows all orders of $30 or more can pick one free head. If you don’t mention this promotion, and don’t pick a head then you miss out.

Also going forward I will assemble 1 figure kit for you for free (by request only) when you order a build a figure kit, and spend $100 or more. So if you order a build a figure kit, and spend another $65 you’ll get assembly for free. Just let me know in the notes, or by email if you want the kit assembled since some people want the fun of assembling it themselves.

There you have it. Take advantage of it while you can.

I would like to thank Vortious Custom Accessories for the sale. You can find his store HERE. You can find his store’s update thread HERE for all his promotions and updates. He recently added a ton of new items so check it out!

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