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[NEWS] Plague Wars Wave 1 Reveal From Jedi Master Ben

[NEWS] Plague Wars Wave 1 Reveal From Jedi Master Ben

A few weeks ago The Angel Forge and Jedi Master Ben revealed 2 exclusive Zombie action figures under the title of The Plague Wars. Well yesterday, Jedi Master Ben revealed an entire wave 1 of Zombies and survivors. He didn’t just reveal 1 wave, he gave us a detailed list of things to come.

Here are the details from Jedi Master Ben.

The Plague Wars is a new custom model kit line by Benjamin Bently III (Jedi_Master_Ben). Can you survive The Plague wars? Each 1:18th scale articulated survivor and zombie model kits are fun to build, paint, collect, and game with.

Well I finished the first wave of figure kits for The Plague Wars. This wave will be known as the First Edition wave. The break down is as follows, 5 zombies and 3 survivors. They are:

Zombie: Dog Tags
Zombie: Nancy Nude
Zombie: Legally Dead Fred
Zombie: Cpl Copper, Army MP
Zombie: Spoiled Rotten Cheerleader
Survivor: Betty the Cheerleader
Survivor: General “Tombstone” Romero
Survivor: Agent Shades

This will be the only wave that is not theme location based. I worked out a list of future waves (as many as 12 so far), each wave consist of 5 zombies and 3 survivors. The next two theme waves will be “The Hospital” and “The Mall”. At this point, I do not have names for these characters yet. Here is a list of proposed “cast” for each location:

The Hospital:
Zombie: Surgeon- scrubs uniform
Zombie: Nurse- scrubs or uniform
Zombie: Doctor- lab coat
Zombie: Mid autopsy patient zed
Zombie: Patient
Survivor: Paramedic
Survivor: General’s Daughter
Survivor: Aussie Cowboy

The Mall
Zombie: Nerd Team Tech
Zombie: Track suit/ jogger
Zombie: Senior Shopper
Zombie: Goth Teen
Zombie: Shopper Zed
Survivor: Z-Mart Employee
Survivor: Biker
Survivor: Teen Shopper

You can purchase these kits, assembled, unassembled, and painted. Prices start at $25 each. You will be able to eventually purchase these directly from The Angel Forge. We will provide more updates as we get them. The first news story on the first two kits can be found HERE.

Now for the pics he has given us.

I would like to thank Jedi Master Ben for the update¬†and his and the Angel Forge’s hard work on this line.
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