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Review: Lost Planet Vagabundo

Review: Lost Planet Vagabundo


Sculpt Articulation Paint Accessories Package Overall
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Overall is not an average.

Overall, this is a really nice figure to add to your collection. The detail that was done on it is excellent and came as close as you can to the character in the game. To bring a digital image into the physical world is difficult at times but Toy Notch did a great job on it.

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I was brought into collecting when the GI Joe 25th anniversary came out. After dealing with repaints and sub par vehicles I started searching around for something a little better. A friend turned me onto the fighting 118th and I started moving towards a more realistic "verse" for my figures. After seeing a few dioramas from members on the site I got the bug for them. There is a certain quality of person that contributes to the site and that is what has kept me coming back. Everyone is honest about what your work can have better and really helps you to get the best out of yourself. I am MAJOR BLOOD on the site.

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