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The Fighting 1:18th

The Fighting 1:18th

The Fighting 1:18th is a site dedicated to the hobby of collecting 1:18 scale aircraft, armor, and action figures across all military themes and lines. When The Fighting 1:18th was formed, it’s founding members saw a massive vacuum in the 1:18th scale hobby. There were plenty of fans, but really outside of asking, there were no helpful resources with which to purchase a model.

There are numerous databases out there about the models such as the Small Scale Headquarters Database, but the interface has become so cluttered over the years with meaningless promotional pictures that making any informed decisions is lost. On top of that there is no relevant information about the quality of the piece, it’s accessories, the whole database simply exists to exist at this point. It serves as a checklist. The whole system is outdated and serves only to create questions rather than answer them.

With the costs of models on the rise, we wanted to give back to the community. We wanted to give them a place to come and learn about each model with high quality pictures, in-depth objective reviews, and a community to interact with and discuss everything from 1:18 scale hobbies to the history of the pieces, to general every day things. We wanted to build a true community around the hobby that started and ended with one single resource.
Although we review the products of 21st Century Toys, Blue Box Toys, Admiral Toys, Hasbro, Unimax, JS International, and Pegasus Hobbies we are not directly related to them in any way shape or form. We do not claim any association with the above companies.

The site is © 2013 of The Fighting 1:18th® unless specified. All rights reserved.

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The Fighting 1:18th About Sections

These pages talk about our administration, web moderator team, reviewers, and news contributors. You can find out about them and also find out who they in The Sewing Circle message board.

Review Standards
A place to read about the standards we use to review each model.

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