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Ron Blehm

Forum Administrator, Contest Organizer and 1/16 Enthusiast.

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E-mail: ron.blehm@fighting118th.com

1:18 Biography

My name is Ron and I am addicted to plastic crack.  I go by pcsguy88 on every forum that I am a member of, so feel free to say hello if you see me wandering elsewhere.

Born in 75’ and was the perfect age for Joe and Transformers when they hit.  I moved from Seattle to Kansas during the summer between 6th & 7th grade and basically walked away from toys and jumped into computers & videogames to cope with the trauma of losing my childhood friends.  Somewhere around 2003 I discovered the TF Alternator’s line Smokescreen and a 20th Anv Prime on clearance for $25, becoming instantly filled with nostalgia of happy times running thru the woods of Redmond, Wa.  I was hooked.  I snatched a few Robotech figures and a Battleship Yamato while continuing to collect Alts and MP’s, but everything was robot/space related.  Then came 25th Joes.  The original box sets hit and I made the mistake of looking at them in the toy aisle.  It’s been downhill from there.

I was told by Mr. Ernst how great it would be to partner up to start our own forum and promised it would not affect my marriage or personal life.  Seriously doubt he would dare repeat those infamous words.  The Curse is real.

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