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Tim is a mook who likes to drink, play video games, and other stuff. He's Monkeywrench on our forums! Buy him a drink, friend for life!

Countdown to #200

Forum member 1337W422102 is famous for his weekly comic series “Ages 25 & Up – Comic with Balljoints”. 1337W422102 who is commonly referred to on the forum as “Numbers” or “Leet” has transformed a  mostly background character like Clutch into a much loved heroic character.  Ages 25 and Up features comedy and Easter eggs for all fans of comics, cartoons, toys, movies and popular culture from the 1980’s to present day. The comic was first published in 2008 and has experienced several milestones throughout the years.  Ages 25 and Up has featured serious stories,  an ode to GI Joe comic #21,  an amazing take on Captain America, yearbook style issues,  a vote of confidence from Larry Hama himself and an epic #100 issue that used stop motion!  The comic has sparked it’s very own Q and A’s with questions submitted by the fans and ... Read More »

Resistance: Fall of Man Review

November 2006,  the Playstation 3 was released and a “system seller” came out along with it.  The first must have game for the new system,  Resistance: Fall of Man.  Resistance is a first person shooter that takes place in 1951. Glancing at the game,  you might expect this to be a World War 2 game but it’s so much more.  The setting and story is what attracted me to the game so many years ago.  In the 1930’s a alien race known as the Chimera land and take over Russia. By 1949 the Chimera have conquered Europe and are ready to completely take over the United Kingdom thus causing WWII to never happen.  Even though WWII never took place,  the setting is still relevant to world history. We were still focused on War and weapons during the 1940’s.  Only now ... Read More »

Tunnel Rat by Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife did it again! He not only made another fantastic figure but he made another Tunnel Rat.  Never satisfied with his first two attempts at creating the popular G.I.Joe figure that was first released all the way back in 1987,  the third time is the charm.  Cloud Strife is a member of the Intel Division and the lead Moderator for the Custom Section at Fighting118th.com.  He earned this title with his outstanding work as a customizer.  Here is a quote from Cloud: This is the 3rd Tunnel Rat I’ve worked on. The previous 2 were okay, but I agreed with the critiques I received regarding the last one I made. It took me awhile to figure out which pieces I was going to use, as I had decided to depart from his original design.  I wanted to keep certain elements a ... Read More »

Sherman by Super Cracked

Forum member Super Cracked shared with us a custom Sherman Tank that was built all the way back in 2003.   Super Cracked is a experienced customizer that  is relatively new to the Fighting118th.  Here is a quote from Super Cracked: It’s a 1st issue XD M4, XD BOB Tanker and Halftrack driver; Build-A-Rama accessories & various other scale parts. Painted with Testors OD spray and Folk Art colors. Weathered with Doc O’Brien’s weathering powders. Man-o-man, that was fun. You can discuss and view the impressive Tank and detailed crew members Here Check out Page 2 for a complete Photo Gallery of the Sherman!   Read More »

Airtight by Rick

Officer member Rick is a staple of the Fighting118th.com.  He’s a constant inspiration with his fantastic diorama’s and custom soldiers.  Rick likes to take characters and modernize them to a real world aspect.  A perfect example of this is his Bio Combat Airtight which is based on the 30th Anniversary edition G.I.Joe figure.  Below is a quote from Rick: I painted with Tamiya Dark Yellow, Black wash and brown dry brush.  I left the connection thing on the shoulder that always seems to rub paint off the natural yellow. Figured, why fight it, it can be an indication of a bio grade suit. You can discuss Rick’s custom Airtight Here Also make sure to check out Page 2 for a Full Gallery on Airtight as well as some of Rick’s other figures.   Read More »

Battlefield 3 Review

I’ve been a die hard Call of Duty fan for the last several years.  I’ve heard the rumblings that Battlefield was a superior game however I’ve always viewed it as more of a PC game.  In 2011,  Battlefield 3 was released shortly before the annual CoD game.  Many gamers decided that they had to have both,  while some chose one or the other.  Looking at sales,  I was in the majority and chose just one title and that was CoD. Fast forward to Spring of 2012,  Battlefield 3 was on sale and I decided to pull the trigger and see what the fuss is about.  The first thing I noticed was the stunning graphics.  Visually the game is top notch.  DICE did a great job getting the most out of the Frostbite 2 engine.  The lights and darks really stand ... Read More »

Road Blocked?

Joe Con 2012 is in full swing and the news,  photo’s and coverage has been coming in at a furious pace.  As we have been discussing the updates from our friends at OG13.com as well as other Joe sites like GeneralsJoes.com,  it was announced today that two figures were pulled out of the display case shortly after they were displayed.  One of our Forum Founder’s Birddog surprised us today with a rare photo of a possible upcoming Roadblock which was one of the two figures that was yanked out of the Hasbro case.  Here is a quote from Birddog: Here’s a picture of the Roadblock I took. Not the best but you can see what he looks like.  Tattoo and all. Good looking figure.  Wish I had been prepared to take more pictures. I just happened to be in the right place at ... Read More »

Spartan Joe by Obi-Shinobi

Forum Member Obi-Shinobi recently shared his custom “Spartan” Joe with us.  Obi-Shinobi is well respected in the 1:18th customizing community and he’s known for his non military customs on Fighting118th.  He surprised us with his Halo inspired soldier.  As forum members were trying to figure out the recipe,  Obi graciously shared the wide variety of parts used to make this fantastic custom. Head – Ret Joe trooper Torso – Slayer “Mech Hunter” Upper arms – Roc accelerator Lower arms – SW Republic Commando Hands – Roc accelerator Upper legs – Roc accelerator Lower legs – IM2 War Machine (knee pads removed) Chest rig – Ret Zartan gear (trimmed) Front pouches – Bravo Team Back grenades – Ret Cobra trooper gear (trimmed) Assault rifle – Ret Joe trooper (modified with Marauder scope, and some SW blast effect)   Visit Here to discuss Obi-Shinboi’s custom Spartan ... Read More »