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Tim is a mook who likes to drink, play video games, and other stuff. He's Monkeywrench on our forums! Buy him a drink, friend for life!

Killzone 3 Review

When Killzone 3 was announced,  Sony fan boys from around the world were ecstatic.  I was no different,  I placed my pre order right away,  went back and played some more KZ2 and watched the net for every piece of news and videos that came out. Finally in early 2011,  Killzone 3 was released on the Playstation 3.  The buzz around this “Halo Killer” was tremendous.  I purchased my copy at midnight and immediately started the Campaign. This First Person Shooter picks up right after the previous title as the Helghast and ISA are still at war.  The first mission has you playing as a Helghast guard as you walk through a weapons factory until you end up at the execution room.  You start to participate in the live execution of a captured ISA Captain until it’s revealed that you ... Read More »

Medal of Honor: Frontline Review

In 2002,  First Person Shooters were much different than they are today.  They weren’t dominated by online and multiplayer modes.  My interest in games were mostly toward action/adventure,  role playing and sports.  A game that I passed on in 2002 was Medal of Honor: Frontline. Enter 2012,  as I was picking up my copy of the rebooted Medal of Honor that was released in 2010,  I noticed a key feature on the games cover.  A re-mastered HD version MOH: Frontline.  This was a exclusive to the PS3 version of the game.  Frontline was developed by EA and originally released for the PS2 and later released for the Xbox and Game Cube. Frontline takes place during Word War 2 and starts with Operation Overload.  You play the entire game as Lt. Jimmy Patterson who was the hero of the first ever ... Read More »

July Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right.. The theme for the July Banner Contest is Against all odds Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: Rules are: 1) Picture entered must be from a diorama 2) When making the entry thread, there must be a link to the diorama thread 3) Picture must be from a situation within the diorama where the odds are stacked against an individual or people. Ambushed? Surrounded? Injured? Call in support? Whatever it is, they need to make it out of the situation alive. 4) Air and ground support are acceptable. They can also fight their way out. 5) The picture is just one scene from the diorama so make sure when making it to keep in mind specs. “Why all the extra work MAJOR?” Why? Because there will be ... Read More »

Marauder “Gun-Runners” Series 6 IN STOCK!

A-Ten-Hut! Officer Marauder_John has posted that Marauder “Gun-Runners” Series 6 is Now Available!  You can purchase Series 6 on the Marauderinc website or on their eBay page.  Below is a quote from Marauder_John: Marauder Series #6 is NOW AVAILABLE! The individual Series #6 items & complete Series #6 sets are “live” on our website and ebay store. Please stop by and check them out. We hope you like the new releases and find them worthy to use with your figures. Rest assured, we brought in plenty of inventory to make sure NOTHING gets in the way of us “Gun-Running” Marauder Series #6 for you! Marauder has been a staple in the 1:18th community and has a impeccable reputation for high quality product and great customer service.  Don’t sleep on Series 6 and if you haven’t purchased any of the first 5 series,  I strongly ... Read More »

Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

I’ve always been a Transformers fan.  I enjoyed the cartoons as a child,  played with the toys,  and I’ve watched the live action movies several times.  The one thing that I’ve always wanted from Transformers,  was a good video game.  When I first heard that High Moon Studios had begun work on a Transformers game,  I had low expectations. My first concern was that the game would be a movie based game.  As most gamers know,  almost all movie based games suffer from low budgets,  rushed deadlines and horrible results.  Once I learned that the game was going to have it’s own story and not be tied to any movie,  I was relieved. Transformers: War for Cybertron was released in June 2010.  I purchased the game the week it came out and couldn’t wait to play it.  WFC is an ... Read More »

Killzone 2 Review

I remember like it was yesterday,  it was 2005 at E3. One of the most fascinating video clips in modern gaming history was shown.  The graphics were the best I’ve seen.  The action was incredible.  It was being called the “Halo Killer” and a “System Seller”.  The game that was shown was Killzone 2. I didn’t know much about Killzone.  I knew it was a First Person Shooter and it was a Sony Exclusive and that was about it.  After seeing the epic footage of Killzone 2,  I decided 2 things.  Number 1,  I must get this game the day it comes out and number 2,  I must find some info on Killzone. The footage that was shown at the 2005 E3 received much hype.  Sony gamers were in awe.  Microsoft gamers were immediately saying that it wasn’t actual game ... Read More »

Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor is one of the most famous and successful video game franchises of all time.  When you think of MoH,  you think World War 2.  For the 13th edition in the long running series,  you experience for the first time a non WW2 setting.  Simply titled Medal of Honor,  this title is a reboot and takes place during the War in Afghanistan. MoH was released in October 2010 by Danger Close who are affiliated with Electronics Arts and DICE who are famous for Battlefield.  The title is the first in the series to feature a Mature rating.  I originally passed on the game as I was too focused on Call of Duty at the time.  After picking the title up for $20,  I was pleasantly surprised. The single player campaign mode takes place in 2002 in Afghanistan.  You ... Read More »

June Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right.. The theme for the June Banner Contest is Kick in the Door Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: June will be to have a theme where the door of a place is getting breached.  It can be someone kicking it in,  shooting the locks,  ramming it open or even driving through the front.  Either way,  there needs to be some type of action going on where a building is getting stormed or attacked through an entrance.  Windows are fair game too.  If using a door,  it does not have to be opened.  As long as the action is apparent it’s fine. The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th.  The contest has been going on for over ... Read More »

MAG Review

I remember when news first broke on MAG,  It was during E3 08.  I like many gamers were very excited.  It promised big things and a game on epic proportions.  When the game was released in early 2010,  it received decent reviews and had strong sales.  I was let down. Before MAG was released,  it went through several name changes.  One in particular was called Massive Action Game.  The game eventually just went with the MAG title.  Massive is a good word to describe the game.  It allows up to 256 online players at one time. MAG is unique in the way that you have no option for a single player experience.  This First Person Shooter is a online only game.  No Campaign,  no co op campaign,  just online fun.  I often think and feel like many other FPS games ... Read More »